Cuisinart 8 Cup Food Processor Review

Cuisinart 8 Cup Food Processor

In the heart of every kitchen, there exists a desire for convenience and efficiency and the promise of culinary exploration and creativity. Here, a true kitchen companion is essential; this is where the Cuisinart FP-8SV 8-Cup Food Processor comes in.

Cuisinart 8 Cup Food Processor is a gateway to transforming everyday ingredients into culinary masterpieces. With its sleek design, affordability, and intuitive functionality, this food processor has become an essential companion for modern home chefs. In an era where time is precious and efficiency matters, the importance of food processors like the FP-8SV cannot be overstated.

In this article, we’ll offer an in-depth review of the Cuisinart 8 Cup Food Processor, one of Cuisinart’s top-selling pieces that has taken the market by storm. So, keep it here to see if this processor suits your needs.

Features/ Specs

  • Dimensions: 7.6″D x 9.58″W x 15.19″H
  • Weight: 10.00 lbs
  • Wattage: 350 watts
  • Voltage: 350 Volts
  • Capacity: 8-cup work bowl
  • Color: Silver
  • Controls: Rubberized buttons
  • Modes: High, low, off, and pulse
  • Attractive design
  • Smart features: None
  • Removable parts are dishwasher safe
  • Warranty: 2-year limited warranty
  • BPA free

Pros and Cons


  1. Powerful performance: The 350-watt motor of the Cuisinart FP-8SV is capable of handling various meal prep tasks efficiently, including chopping, slicing, shredding, and kneading.
  2. Versatility: The included stainless steel blades and discs, such as the chopping/mixing blade and slicing/shredding disc, allow for a wide range of food preparation options.
  3. User-friendly design: The intuitive controls, clear labeling, and safety interlock system make the processor easy to use, even for beginners.
  4. Convenient feed tube: The wide-mouthed feed tube reduces the need for pre-cutting, saving time and effort during food preparation.
  5. BPA-free: You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into your food.
  6. Easy to clean: The removable parts, including the work bowl, blades, and discs, are dishwasher safe, and the processor’s smooth surfaces are easy to wipe clean.
  7. Compact and attractive design: The sleek silver design and compact dimensions make the processor a visually appealing addition to any kitchen countertop.
  8. 2-year limited warranty: The included warranty provides assurance and coverage against manufacturing defects or malfunctions.


  1. Limited controls: The processor lacks advanced controls like multiple speed settings or slicing/shredding thickness adjustment.
  2. Prone to overheating: During prolonged and intense tasks, such as kneading dough, the processor can heat up. Short breaks are recommended to prevent overheating.
  3. No smart features: The processor doesn’t offer any smart features or advanced technologies.
  4. Not completely airtight: The feed tube is not entirely airtight, requiring the use of a kitchen towel or cloth to cover it during certain tasks.
  5. Simplicity over advanced functionality: While its simplicity is part of its charm, some users might miss extra controls found in higher-end models.
  6. Moderate wattage: While powerful for average home cooks, the 350-watt motor might not handle heavy-duty tasks as efficiently as higher-wattage models.

Key Features of the Cuisinart 8 Cup Food Processor


Cuisinart FP-8SV 8-Cup Food Processor boasts a robust 350-watt motor that efficiently handles most meal prep tasks. Although this 350-watt motor may appear to lean much on the lower wattage end compared to other high-end processors like the Cuisinart FP-14DCN, which has 1300 watts (almost 4 times more powerful), it still provides ample power for the average home cook.

It can effortlessly chop, slice, shred, and knead various ingredients, making it suitable for daily meal preparations.

But exactly how powerful is this processor?

To gauge the power of the Cuisinart FP-8SV 8-Cup Food Processor, we tested it by making a batch of homemade pizza dough. As you know, kneading dough can be quite demanding, calling for a processor with enough power to handle the job effectively.


We prepared all the classic pizza dough recipe ingredients and loaded them into the 8-cup work bowl. With a simple push of the rubberized buttons, we engaged the “dough” mode and let the processor work its magic.

The results? The results were impressive – the processor kneaded the dough into a smooth and elastic consistency (after a little struggle), showcasing its ability to handle even tough tasks.

However, it’s important to note that while the Cuisinart FP-8SV handled this task admirably, there are certain considerations to keep in mind. The 8-cup capacity of the work bowl is generous, but it’s advisable not to overfill it, as this can lead to uneven results or strain on the motor.

Additionally, during prolonged and intense tasks like extended kneading, the processor is prone to heating up. Overheating is a common issue with many food processors, and the FP-8SV is no exception. So, to prevent overheating, you should give the machine short breaks during heavy-duty tasks.

Overall, the Cuisinart FP-8SV 8-Cup Food Processor showcases its power by excelling at tasks like dough kneading, but it’s essential to use it thoughtfully and avoid overloading or overheating.

For everyday meal preparations, this processor can tackle chopping, slicing, shredding, and more, making it a valuable asset in the kitchen. Just be sure to treat it well and provide it with occasional breathers during intense tasks.

2. Size, appearance, and design

The Cuisinart FP-8SV 8-Cup Food Processor strikes a balance between functionality and aesthetics with its well-thought-out design and compact size. Its dimensions of 7.6 inches in depth, 9.58 inches in width, and 15.19 inches in height make it a space-friendly addition to any kitchen countertop. Weighing around 10 pounds, it offers a sturdy build without being overly cumbersome.

The food processor’s silver color and sleek design give it a modern and elegant look. Its polished exterior not only adds a touch of sophistication to your kitchen but also makes it an attractive piece to display.

One notable feature is the strategically positioned handle on the front of the work bowl, making it easy to align and lock the bowl onto the base. This design consideration accommodates both right and left-handed users, enhancing overall usability.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Cuisinart FP-8SV is BPA-free, so you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals getting into your meals.

The control panel features well-labeled rubberized buttons, ensuring that selecting the appropriate mode is intuitive.

While the processor doesn’t offer an abundance of extra controls, its simplicity is part of its charm, making it accessible even for those new to food processors.

3. Work bowl, blades, and feed tube

The Cuisinart FP-8SV 8-Cup Food Processor not only delivers on performance but also provides convenience through its well-designed work bowl, versatile blades, and practical feed tube.

The 8-cup work bowl is adequately sized, allowing you to process a good amount of ingredients in one go. Whether you’re chopping vegetables, shredding cheese, or mixing dough, the spacious bowl can perfectly accommodate your needs. However, as mentioned earlier, it’s important to avoid overfilling the bowl to ensure consistent and efficient processing.

This food processor also has sharp and durable stainless steel chopping, mixing, and kneading blades. The chopping/mixing blade is excellent for making salsa, hummus, or pesto, while the reversible slicing/shredding disc offers versatility for medium to fine-slicing vegetables or shredding cheese. The kneading blade is designed for making dough.

Thanks to the processor’s user-friendly design, these blades are easy to install and remove.

However, it’s important to note that the blades are sharp; you should handle them with care during assembly, disassembly, and cleaning to prevent accidents. The blades and discs are removable and dishwasher safe, thus simplifying the cleanup process.

The Cuisinart FP-8SV food processor’s feed tube is designed for hassle-free ingredient insertion. Its wide mouth can accommodate larger ingredients, reducing the need for pre-cutting, and the pusher allows you to guide the ingredients down into the blades safely.

One thing we noted about this processor is it’s not entirely airtight. So, it’s advisable to use a kitchen towel or cloth to cover the feed tube when preparing liquid dishes such as soups.

4. Ease of use

The Cuisinart FP-8SV 8-Cup Food Processor is designed with user-friendliness in mind, offering intuitive controls and features that make it easy to operate, even for those new to the world of food processors.

The bowl easily aligns and locks into the base, with the handle strategically positioned at the front. The handle positioning is advantageous to both right and left-handed users. The lid also locks into place easily without requiring extra force.

The rubberized buttons on the control panel are labeled clearly, allowing you to select the desired mode for your task easily. The high, low, and pulse settings offer flexibility in controlling the processing speed, ensuring you achieve the desired texture for your ingredients.

The assembly and disassembly process is straightforward, making it easy to switch between blades and discs. The safety interlock system ensures that the processor won’t operate if the parts aren’t properly assembled, adding an extra layer of safety.

The feed tube’s wide mouth minimizes the need for pre-cutting, which saves time during food preparation. However, as mentioned earlier, it’s advisable to use a kitchen towel or cloth to cover the feed tube when processing liquids, such as soups, to prevent splattering.

On the downside, this processor lacks extra speed controls and slicing or shredding thickness adjustment. However, this shouldn’t be a primary deal breaker because it’s still perfect at what it does.

5. Cleaning and maintenance

The Cuisinart FP-8SV is easy to clean and maintain. The removable parts, including the work bowl, blades, and discs, are all dishwasher-safe, making cleanup a breeze.

When cleaning these parts, carefully handle the sharp blades to avoid accidents.

The processor’s sleek design with a silver finish also contributes to its easy maintenance. The smooth surfaces and rubberized control buttons can be wiped clean with a damp cloth to keep the exterior clean without leaving any streaks.

6. Pricing

The Cuisinart 8 Cup Food Processor offers a well-rounded package of features, performance, and ease of use at a reasonable price.

Considering its robust 350-watt motor, ample 8-cup work bowl capacity, and the included stainless steel blades and discs, the FP-8SV offers excellent value for its price. While it might not have all the advanced controls and features found in higher-end models, it makes up for these weak points with its user-friendly design, ease of use, and ability to handle a wide range of food preparation tasks.

Cuisinart FP-8SV 8-Cup Food Processor’s affordability makes it an attractive option for home chefs looking to enhance their cooking experience without breaking the bank.

7. Warranty and durability

The Cuisinart 8 Cup Food Processor comes with a 2-year limited warranty, providing assurance and coverage for manufacturing defects or malfunctions.

While the processor is built to last, it’s important to use it within its recommended capacity and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for care and maintenance to ensure its durability over time.

What We Love About This Food Processor

Meal preps in our house were a dreaded task, but ever since we got this food processor, they’ve been nothing short of transformative. The Cuisinart FP-8SV 8-Cup Food Processor has truly revolutionized our cooking routine. Its powerful motor effortlessly handles everything from chopping onions to kneading dough, saving us valuable time and effort. The spacious work bowl accommodates large quantities, and the sharp blades ensure consistent and precise results.

What used to be a time-consuming chore has now become a breeze, allowing us to explore new recipes and culinary creations easily. The easy cleanup and user-friendly design are cherries on top, making this food processor an indispensable kitchen companion that has brought joy back to our meal preps.

What Other Customers Are Saying About It

One customer from Amazon had this to say about this processor, “I have been wanting to buy food processor for years but always held off. I can’t believe I didn’t buy this sooner. I cook a lot and always have guests and it makes my life easier with this food processor. Glad I finally purchased it.”

Wrapping Up

The Cuisinart FP-8SV 8-Cup Food Processor delivers a balanced blend of performance, convenience, affordability, and aesthetic appeal. Its robust motor, versatile blades, and intuitive design make it a valuable tool for various meal prep tasks. From kneading dough to chopping vegetables, this processor simplifies food preparation while accommodating the needs of both beginner and experienced cooks.

Its compact size and modern design allow it to seamlessly integrate into any kitchen setting, while the strategically placed handle and clearly labeled controls enhance its usability. Although it lacks some advanced controls, this processor focuses on its core functions, ensuring that it excels in the tasks it is designed for.

With its easy-to-clean removable parts, maintenance is hassle-free, and the included 2-year limited warranty adds an extra layer of assurance in terms of durability and quality.

In a world where time-saving tools are valued, the Cuisinart FP-8SV 8-Cup Food Processor stands as a kitchen companion that not only simplifies meal preparation but also empowers your culinary creativity.

In a nutshell, we can say that the Cuisinart 8 cup food processor is an ideal kitchen companion if you need to prepare small to medium meal prep batches on a budget. However, if your meal preps call for a powerful and large processor, you can check out Cuisinart FP-14DCN, which offers the same impressive performance but with added motor power and a larger work bowl.

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